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Anabantoid Association of Great Britain.

Promoting an interest in the study and maintenance of the Anabantoidei, Badidae, Channidae and Nandidae families.


About Us

Mission Statement

We are based in the UK with the following aims:

(a) To promote an interest in the study and maintenance of Anabantoidei, Nandidae, Channidae and Badidae wherever possible.

 (b) To provide members and other interested enquirers, with information on the maintenance and breeding of Anabantoidei, Nandidae, Channidae and Badidae.

 (c) To encourage the breeding and distribution of Anabantoidei, Nandidae,  Channidae and Badidae with the initial objective of making such species readily available to members.




 (d) To support and contribute to conservation projects, university studies and research as appropriate that are concerned with Anabantoidei, Nandidiae, Channidae and Badidae.

 (e) To publish a newsletter, which shall be known as Labyrinth, by and for the members of the Association. This newsletter is to be the voice of the Association and provide the opportunity to gain and share information and knowledge. It may be supplemented by such other literature as the Association may issue for the benefit of members.



January 22, 2022 

* The Next members weekend provisional booking is 23 & 24 April 2022. Details are posted on the AAGB Membership Page.

January 21st, 2021 

AAGB publication Special Issue 3 – The Badids is still available. Please contact Secretary for up to date postal costs. 

August 27, 2021 

* The latest AAGB publication Special Issue 4 – Annotated Catalogue On Snakeheads is now available.  

19th June  2014

* Guidelines for keeping Betta fish successfully in captivity are now available and can be found in our Articles section.

Why join the AAGB?

Introductory Members pack with size guides, advice on setting up aquaria for Anabantoids, guide to breeding Bettas, Gouramis and other Anabantoid species.

4 newsletters a year

Annual Spring Members Weekend

Annual Autumn lecture and auction

Breeders Scheme

At the recent member’s weekend we had a quick presentation about the new Breeder’s Scheme.

In short, we have a lot of talented fish breeders in our membership and it’s about time we started to give credit for all the hard work people put into conditioning their fish and getting the water quality just right to encourage their fish to breed.



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