Directions to:


IBIS Rotherham East, Moorhead Way, Bramley, Rotherham, S66 1YY


Tel. (01709) 730 333



From M18 Junction 1 signposted Rotherham/ Maltby A631

Travel towards Rotherham

At first set of traffic lights (20 yards) turn LEFT just after Sir Jack’s pub towards Morrisons Supermarket.

At next mini roundabout turn left into Hotel


Anabantoid  Association

of  Great  Britain





Members Weekend                                                                              1st & 2nd  April 2017


IBIS Hotel, Bramley, Nr Rotherham South Yorkshire,   S66 1YY.  UK



Saturday Agenda

10.00                     Arrival and registration.

10.25                     Chairman’s welcome.

10.30                     Presentation.  “Snakeheads: a challenge”

                             Mr David Cropper

12.00                   Fish show preparation / Sunday auction prep

13.00                   Lunch

14.00                   Judging will commence

14.00                     Presentation.  “Favourite habitats”

                             Mr David Armitage

15.00                   Coffee & Tea break (Judging continues)

15.30                     Presentation.

                             “Feeding for health and colour”

                            Dr David Pool

17.00                   Fish show viewing and members’ favourite fish competition.

18.00                   End of formal day

Sunday Agenda

09.00                     Committee meeting.

10.00                     Arrival and registration. 

10.30                     Presentation.  

                           “Breeding and maintaining Parosphromenus species”

                             Mr John Walsh

11.30                  Short stories

12.00                   Prize giving followed by Annual General Meeting.

                             De-benching of show fish

13.00                      Lunch

14.00                     Presentation.    TBC

15.00                     Coffee & Tea break.  Auction preparation

15.30                     Labyrinth fish auction

16.30                   Non-labyrinth fish and equipment  auction

17.30                    Close of event


All times approximate and presentations subject to change.

Sponsorship & Support


This event would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and the goodwill of our speakers and judges who donate their time


We are very grateful for the generous donations received this year and sincerely thank both sponsors, speakers and judges for all their support.


Fish Shows 2017.

Once again there will be two shows this year.

Betta Splendens

Labyrinth Fish (excluding B. Splendens).


NB. Please note no tanks provided.

The shows will be judged by different “A class” Anabantoid Judges at times to fit around the lectures.


While the AAGB will do everything reasonably possible to provide a safe environment for the fish on show and in the auction, the decision to bring fish to the event and the welfare of the fish remains the responsibility of the owner.


Labyrinth fish auction(Sunday)

Fish to be booked in by Sunday morning at the latest.

15% commission will be paid to AAGB.


Non Labyrinth and other goods auction

A fish (none Labyrinth fish) plants, foods & equipment auction will take place after the main auction. Items must be booked in Sunday morning at the latest.

15% commission will be paid to AAGB.



A.A.G.B.  Betta splendens Show 2017

a)      Long fin

b)      Short fin  & PlaKat s

c)       Crowntail  &  Fringetail

d)      Giant / Jumbo

e)      Twin tail /Dumbo  elephant ears

f)       Female Betta splendens

      a)  to f)   are for single fish

A.A.G.B.  Labyrinth Show 2017

1.       Betta Bubblenester                     excluding  Betta splendens

2.       Betta Mouthbrooder

3.       Trichogaster,Trichopodus & Trichopsis (Colisa,Trichogaster )

4.        Ctenopoma & Microctenopoma & Sandelia.


5.        A.O.V.  Large  including                 Anabas, Belontia, Helostoma,                                                                          Luciocephalus Osphromenus                                                               

6.        A.O.V.  Small  including                                Ctenops.Parosphromenus,                                                                        Parasphaerichthys, Macropodus.

        Pseudospromenus, Sphaerichthys          

7.       Channa & Parachanna

8.       Badidae & Nandidae inc.       Badis, Dario, Afronandus, Monocirrus,   

 Nandus, Polycentropsis, Polycentrus                    &   Pristolepis.

9.       True Pairs

10.   Breeders Team                               6 Fish over 3 Months of Age


Classes 1 to 8  are for single fish,  & classes  9 to 10 Pairs & Breeders.

Please note NO debenching of fish will be allowed until 12 noon on Sunday unless with permission of show secretary.

Prizes will also be awarded for :-

Best B. Splendens     Best in Show     Members  Favourite Fish     Best Exhibit


Section  A     Judges & Judging only.

Section B     SHOW RULES.

B1 All exhibits must be shown in clear flat four sided tanks.


B2 All exhibits must be able to be viewed from all four sides and above.(single fish classes only)


B3 Tanks may not be sub-divided unless showing pairs or breeders teams.


B4Tanks may contain natural or coloured gravel or have a painted base.


B5Tanks must not contain rock work or similar decoration.


B6 Tanks may contain a minimum amount of aquatic plant that is considered necessary to encourage fish to deport and to reduce stress.

B7 Tanks must be of adequate size and not be detrimental to the fishes well being

B8 Water in the tank must be adequate for the fishes well being, and must not have artificial colourants or be clouded by food or other particles.


B9 All tanks must be labelled to show a scientific or common name of the exhibit.


B10 Fish shown heavy in spawn will lose points or even be disqualified.

B11 Diseased fish will be disqualified.


B12 More than one fish shown in a tank in the single classes will be disqualified.(e.g. A mouth brooding fish with fry )


Booking Form

PLEASE NOTE there will be a £5 per membership charge per day to attend this event


Saturday attendance per membership   £5

Sunday attendance per membership      £5


Saturday buffet lunch per person          £8.95    No.         =          


Sunday hot buffet lunch per person      £8.95    No.         =


Please book and pay for all meals in advance.


Evening meals can be purchased from several good Pubs in close proximity to the hotel


IBIS HOTEL .  Accommodation rates vary significantly depending on when booked PLEASE book overnight accommodation direct with hotel or internet. Please note internet bookings will be cheaper.

(If anyone has particular difficulty please contact the secretary)


All cheques in £ sterling made payable to AAGB please to

Chris Webb.

19 Chiltern Crescent, Sprotbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. DN5 7PE. UK


Tel  07940 590474



B13 All fish to be exhibited in owner’s name


B14 Pairs shall consist of one male & one female of the same species. They may be shown together or in a divided tank or in separate adjacent tanks, should the exhibitor desire.


B15 Best in Show is the one gaining most points from the single fish classes


B16. Best Exhibit comes from all classes except the single fish classes.


B17 Members Favourite Fish is chosen by all the members present at the meeting, the fish gaining the most votes will be declared the winner.



C1 Rules B1 to B13 shall apply equally to the breeders exhibits.


C2 All fish must be the property of and have been bred and reared by the exhibitor.


C3 The date of hatching must be clearly stated on the tank. For mouthbrooders date released by parent.


C4 All fish must be at least 3 calendar months old.


C5  The exhibits shall be termed as a team and shall consist of six (6) fish in any combination of sex, 3 matched pairs being given precedence when points are equal.


C6  The exhibits may be shown in one tank or divided tanks (tank may only be divided once) or in separate adjacent tanks (individual fish per tank), if the exhibitor so desires.